Party Aims & Objective

1.               Bring awareness among women and to promote Pakistan's Ideology.

2.         To bring awareness among women to protect and promote Pakistan as their first priority and duty.

3.              To make women aware of their democratic rights and to make efforts to ascertain that

4.               Vocational studies to be made compulsory for the students.

5.                To make strict laws to eradicate sexual harassment against women.

6.      Special instructions shall be given to Law enforcement agencies regarding women complainant and alleged accused women.

7.               Promoting home industries for women

8.               To eradicate parallel justice system such as Jirgaz and Panchyat

9.               Better family planning

10.         More women shall be recruited in judiciary and police system to make sure of speedy justice with in a specified period.

11.           Women educational  institutes shall be constructed according to the women population  

12.     Rules shall be made on Gender equality in Government and Non-governmental organizations.

13.              Law enforcement agencies shall be made immune from political influence.

14.              Equal seats in provincial assemblies and in  the parliament for women.

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